Monday 3 August 2020

Ruska Jumper Dress

Another new make that's been in my wardrobe getting worn for more than a month. It has already been getting a reasonable amount of wear, and is comfortable for working from home while still being both relaxed and presentable for video meetings. 

This is the Ruska Knot Dress from Named Patterns' book, Breaking the Pattern. It's a great pattern book, with lots of options for each pattern and some potential for mixing and matching across patterns. My version is the straight knot dress but with the longer sleeves. 

The dress has a double front. The under dress is fitted and cut in one piece, while the knot overlay is cut in two pieces, stitched together down the front until it reaches the ties. It's connected in together along the seams, which means taking care to ensure no layers slip out of place, especially when connecting the sleeves and neckband. 

The fabric is a jumper knit from My Hung Fabrics. It's a lovely baby pink and charcoal mix - it definitely looks more pink in reality than in the photographs. It's quite soft and stretchy, but the ribbed fabric holds its shape well enough to work for the pattern. It's reversible, so there's no worry about the "wrong" side showing on the knot section. 

Unfortunately the fabric was absolutely terrible to work with. It falls apart and frays very easily, which means it had to be overlocked. But at the same time all the bits of fluff coming off got caught in the overlocker, almost clogging it. A couple of times on the longer seams I had to use tweezers to remove pieces of  thread caught behind the bottom blade. Once I finished sewing the dress I completely opened both the sewing machine and overlocker up in order to give them a thorough cleanout.

This dress is very comfy and cosy while still looking put together, very much a secret pyjamas pattern. Especially made out of this knit, it really does feel like a giant fancy looking jumper. And a giant fancy looking jumper is always great to wear.

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