Upcoming and Planned Projects

Upcoming and Planned Projects

I'm often not very good at carrying through with plans for what to make next - I forget my plans or get distracted by the shiny new fabrics or patterns I've just bought. So maybe if I have a list on here, I might manage to keep myself on track, right?

Well, we'll see.


In August, House of Pinheiro organised #sewphotohop on Instagram, with a different theme for each day. It was a lot of fun, and also good for inspiration and motivation for future sewing. So my next lot of planned projects are based on a couple of ideas from that.

First up, day 12's theme was motivation, and mine was finding patterns and fabrics that are just made for each other. Both patterns are from Papercut Patterns. On the left is the Midsummer Night's Dream dress with a matching rayon, on the right the Rigel Bomber with an awesome woven cotton. Given I have these two properly planned out, they shouldn't be hard to do.

Day 21 was shades of summer (hence my dodgy play on words with matching my sunglasses to the fabrics). I'm less certain of the specifics of what I'm doing for each of these, but there's at least a plan in my head for all of them.
First off, the far left is a very soft rayon knit which will be a top, something slightly frilly/flowy I'm thinking, or at least that's the vision in my head. Second is a chambray, which I'm planning to make a loose button up top. I have a few patterns, just need to decide which is the best fit. Third is both my favourite and the scariest. It's a vintage nylon(!), very sheer, and close to 6 metres long. It's going to be a maxidress, but it's also going to be terrifying to make. Last is a poly crepe which I've had half a dozen different ideas for and am yet to finalise what it will be, other than a dress.

As always, there'll be lots of other things that take my fancy, but hopefully I'll get most/all of these done while the weather is still warm.

Of my four planned projects originally on this list, I made three: the Morris Blazer, the vintage 1965 A line Simplicity 5920, and the Garden Party Dress. Sadly I didn't manage to make the re-released Simplicity 1587, and the warmer temperatures mean it's no longer the right time of year for long-sleeved satin.

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